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The Old Hospital is owned by SouthGen (the Southwold and Waveney Valley Regeneration Society Ltd), a charitable community benefit society, registered as a mutual society with the FCA.

Meet our management committee

Our members elect the Management Committee, which operates the Old Hospital.

Jessica de Grazia Jeans – Chair

is a retired lawyer and consultant in institutional capacity building who led the grass roots campaign to save the Old Hospital for the community. She project managed the redevelopment and setting up of the community businesses.

Paul Luke - Secretary

has had many years experience in senior leadership roles at the BBC which he recently left after 25 years. Paul is a member of the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee of BAFTA and a Trustee of Southwold Arts Centre.

Sue Gull - Interim Treasurer

More details to follow...

Elaine Glendinning– Nursery Director

is the Ofsted Nominated Person for the Old Hospital Nursery. Elaine is an early years educator who has served as Head of three primary schools.

Dee Fay – HR officer

is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and experienced in the charities sector.

Piers Sturridge - Hospitality

was a London chef and restaurant operator in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He moved into advisory roles in the 1990’s. Piers is a trustee of the Gorton Monastery, a management trustee of the Hepworth Wakefield and an advisor to the Omnibus Theatre. A long-term advocator of ‘real food’, he worked with producers, suppliers and councils in creating the farmer’s market and farm shop movement.

Our Founders

The Old Hospital has been funded by 477 community members who invested in £498,000 of community shares and other generous donations from members of our community. Our other funders are shown below.

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Southgen Staff

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Sydney Barbrook
Community Business Manager

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